Frequently Asked Question

#1. Procedure for submission of RTI Application forms:

    1. Download RTI Application forms

    2. Fill up the necessary applicants information.

    3. Submit Application forms and pay fees to PIO

    4. If no reply/ not satisfied with reply in 30 (or 35 days in case of submission to APIO or under    Section 6(3)),

    5. First Appeal to the First Appellate Authority (normally a officer higher than the PIO)

    6. If no reply/ not satisfied with reply in 45 days to the First Appeal, then Second Appeal to the CIC/SIC (Time period         is 90 days)


#2. Difference between National Informatic Center (NIC) and ICT Department:


     National Informatics Center (NIC) is a Science & Technology institution of the Government of India established for providing e-Government / e- Governance Solutions in Government Sector (for detail info on NIC,visit ).


     On the other hand, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Department functions under the Government of Mizoram (GoM) and was established in the year 2008 for framing policy, planning, implementation and monitoring of Information & Communication Technology and e-Governance projects in the State of Mizoram.